Family and Marriage

Family is arguably the single most important word in the English language. 
Family is the frame through which we see the world. Family is where we build our dreams and lay our hopes. Family is the source of our greatest love. And, of course, family is home.  However, for some individuals family is not currently a positive experience or has not been in the past leaving hurtful wounds and a sense of brokenness.  Maybe your family has been separated by grief and loss or the sting of addiction or even estrangement. You may be experiencing stress and conflict in your marriage and are interested in either renewing your marriage commitment or even at the point of needing to save your marriage.

-Conflict resolution
-Communication issues
-Co-Parenting approach
-Addiction support and education
-Grief and Loss
-Divorce support (learn to separate with dignity for yourselves and children).
-Blended families

-Emotionally focused counseling
-Addiction support and education
-Re-design of communication patterns
-Pre-marital counseling/readiness for marriage
-Support regarding having a child with developmental disabilities
-Supporting your spouse who is healing from a traumatic past.